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This site includes a number of self-assessment tools, resources and stories that we hope will inspire, ignite, and affirm your work - whether you are an artist, you work with artists, or you support artists!  Together we can change the conditions so that all artists have the opportunity to Thrive!  



Artists Thrive aims to raise the value of artists in every community, set conditions for improvement, and ensure that artists are thriving with support from every sector.



Artists Thrive is a growing initiative offering activities, practices, language, visions and values of what it means to succeed and thrive as an artist – and what it means to have a thriving arts sector and, eventually, thriving communities. More specifically, it is a set of interconnected and holistic resources that can guide us in improving our performance and, ultimately, the conditions in which artists can thrive. The goal of Artists Thrive is to change the narrative in the field and raise the value of artists in every community.

Think of Artists Thrive Like a Navigation System 

Artists Thrive helps us see where we are in our work, where we want to go, what is important to measure, and how we can improve in ways that benefit everyone involved. Artists Thrive is meant to be customized, adapted, and applied to many situations to support your work. These tools can also be used again and again as a reference point for measuring how you, your organization, agency, department, community collaboration, partnership, or artist collective is advancing toward your goals over time.

Who is an Artist? 

That’s up to you! If you’re reading this, you are probably an artist or someone who supports artists. This tool purposefully does not place constraints on defining an artist. It asks many questions that apply across disciplines, geography, experience, etc.


to find more resources, go to www.supportingartists.org

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                                BEGIN YOUR SELF-ASSESSMENT

Posted 9.4.18

Conversations from Artists Thrive Summit 2018: Is Art-Making a Labor? Craft? Practice?

In her most recent blog post, Elaine Grogan Luttrul of Minerva Financial Arts relays an interesting conversation from the Artists Thrive Summit 2018: "I was in Berea, Kentucky...

Posted 6.26.18

Professional Artist Magazine feature on Using the Artists Thrive Tools to Identify Blind Spots

The June/July issue of Professional Artist Magazine includes a feature by Elaine Grogan Luttrell describing the Artists Thrive tools as “part rubric for self-assessment, part...