The text used in the assessment tools are great descriptors, but its stories that bring this work to life. 

Below is a growing portfolio of stories from artists and advocates from across the country that can be filtered on the assessment tools, spectrum, and categories.  You can turn on and off these filters by clicking on the buttons. 

Use these examples to help locate yourself on the assessment tool and see how to move up on the spectrum. Read our Guidebook for more suggestions on how you can use Artists Thrive, putting the tools to practice, and sparking conversations with Artists Thrive.

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We Don’t Give as much as We’d Like to

We don’t give as much as we’d like to. Our maximum is six thousand dollars. There are some instances where artists are raising sixty, seventy thousand dollars through a crowdfunding campaign. So, while we are able to help, it’s still just a portion of what they would need to recover. Our assistance certainly helps, but it’s also not enough.

Rubric Spectrum Category
I work with Artists Artists Struggle Funding Individual Artists