Posted 7.17.19

2019 Summit Highlight: Organizing Our Power Workshop with Lu Aya

This Thursday workshop highlight is about tapping into the power we have to connect people and maximize our impact. We will explore how community organizing tools can serve us in growing the movement for artists and our communities to thrive.  As we deepen our commitment to propagate creativity all around us, this session will invite us to sharpen our strategy so that our time and energy is well spent and our progress is ever more palpable.


Lu Aya (he/him) is the co-founder of The Peace Poets, a Hip Hop and Spoken Word crew from The Bronx that has made an indelible mark on the social movements of our times by supporting the re-emergence of the art of collective singing in protest and direct action.  He utilizes many creative mediums for collective healing and liberation in Africa, Asia and across the Americas.  As a facilitator with The Wildfire Project, he works with frontline grassroots groups to cultivate a culture of connection that honors ourselves, protects our people and builds our power. He also continues to work at the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center where he has been teaching and learning poetry since 2008 with the teenagers in his neighborhood.  Lu is an artist educator, poet journalist, freedom singer, cultural worker who is humbled to be able to learn from his elders, serve his community and dedicate his life to building justice.