Misdiagnosed Barrier

At the insistence of an important funder, we provided translators for our one-on-one consultation time, this resource was little used and we struggled to explain to the funder that it was because the vast majority of artists from this particular community were 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants who spoke English and practiced art forms like hip-hop, graffiti art, and spoken word. There were barriers (such as the diversity of our instructors, or a nuanced understanding of their cultural experience) to programming, but language wasn't one of them.

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I work with Artists Artists Struggle Power (open, equitable, and culturally relevant)

Statewide Arts Convening

We often think about paying artists during our state-wide arts convening, which is for both individual artists and arts organizations to build networks and introduce new concepts. As an agency is that we’re working really hard for the norm to be that we always pay artists. We are also in a position of feeling that we would like to pay individual artists more for their work. So, during convenings, we will pay artists, via contract, to perform – or, present or do contracted work. And then times that we haven’t paid artists, we usually work to compensate them with a full conference attendance fee waiver. It’s a way to provide a non-monetary incentive or non-monetary benefit to them as a professional artist.

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I work with Artists Artists Struggle Paying Artists