Rural Program Office

Springboard's Rural Program office in Fergus Falls, MN creates permanent local resources that are 1) local adaptations of our urban offerings 2) new programs based on the needs and assets of the community. Because artists have regular, ongoing access (beyond just a staff member that drops in a few times a year) they are more engaged, more able to shape programming and have an entirely different quality of relationship with the organization and services.

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Staff Retreats

In the past year, Chicago Artists Coalition has initiated a series of internal staff retreats, each fostering a collaborative space and time for reflection and strategic development. Over a potluck lunch, staff members think through how to innovate within preexisting programs, explore new opportunities and partnerships across sectors and within the arts community, overcome obstacles, and ensure that we affirm the organization's mission in all aspects of our work. Maintaining this ongoing internal conversation and its documentation (often on the office walls) provides an readily available reference point for all staff members in both day-to-day operations, programmatic development, and evaluation.

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