When artists thrive, 
businesses communities individuals neighborhoods  thrive.

Artists Thrive aims to raise the value of artists in every community, set conditions for improvement, and ensure that artists are thriving with support from every sector.

Join Us in Upholding These Standards:

- Support the thriving of artists;
- Be intentional and accountable about matters of equity;
- Place a high societal value on art, artists, and creativity;
- Foster collaboration between artists and decision-makers in all sectors; and
- Support the broadest possible range of connections between artists and communities

Whether your definition of artist is rooted in visual and performing arts or includes makers, innovators and creatives, we know that creativity helps humanity thrive.  And we know that  our culture needs the conversations that artists—sometimes only artists—can build.  
That means we need thriving artists to have a thriving arts sector.  And we need thriving artists for critical cross sector engagement.

So how can we improve conditions so that all artists thrive?

Artists Thrive is a “rubric,” a dynamic measurement tool that invites a holistic valuation of artists.  It helps us see what we are doing now, and what we could do differently to improve conditions for artists. It is aspirational, not judgmental. It outlines a spectrum of performance to spur continuous improvement among artists, arts professionals, and others who work with—or want to work with—artists

Artists Thrive is designed to support ongoing engagement, collaboration, and alignment around activities, practices, language, visions and values of what it means to succeed and thrive as an artist – and what it means to have a thriving arts sector and overall creative world. 


"One of the things I love most about Artists Thrive is that the path to improvement for each question is made clear by the multiple choice responses themselves. It’s not as if you just have to answer “No” to a question and then wonder how to get better."

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